<Nothing evil was lost,
Nothing good was in vain>

Arseniy Tarkovsky

  photo:Beate Glück

The essential thing about my work is the fact that I bring nature to the painting. Before I use them, I leave the fabrics I work with to weather in the forest for months. This is not about achieving a visual effect (the morbid beauty of the traces of weathering), but about creating a metaphor for the suspension of time by making it impossible to determine the exact age of the work and the exact point in time when it was created.

My paintings convey intimations of yearnings and moods, of insights waiting to be expressed, urging to be laid down in permanent form. I "paint" the weathered canvases with photographs that have been copied on film; I cut them, scan them, enlarge and reduce them in size and apply layers. This produces distortions, overlappings, disproportionalities … Fragment by fragment I work my way towards the truth, towards the picture. It is like a journey to my inner core, to the essence of what being a woman may mean. It is a mystery which I don't spell out. I am not going to commit any denunciation, but I will show it to anyone who is ready to see.

Beate Glüc
k, 2014